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नजलाऊ बेर्थै छाती

Why to hurt yourself if he/she feels nothing for you; If your absense or presense doesn't matters. Why to cry for other! Who is here to cry for you. Be clear that stone doesn't melt but might break... Her/his heart is stone; never melts... Never pray for those who prey your tear.. never, never.. to those whom you are nothing.❀❀❀

I did & still do

"My eyes stares in your presence; these eyes floods in your absense. This lips paralize in your presence; but call your name in your absence," it was all before you broked my heart; if had you only cracked it might be healed & cured.
"वचन एउटै हैन र तिमीले लाएनी मैले लाएनी
आँसु एउटै हैन र तिमीले झारेनी मैले झारेनी"
you are top liar; Dear ♡♡


सबै मान्छेको मन धमिलो हुँदैन
सबै मान्छे धोकेबाज हुँदैनन् !!
कहिलेकाही तेल सकिएर पनि दियो
निभेको हुन सक्छ
हरेक समय हावा मात्र दोषी हुँदैन !!!
I may not be perfect but atleast I am not fake

Mysterious World

Mouth might tell lie but your eyes & heart can't do so.

What's the difference between LIKE and LOVE? Well, let's just say-If you like a flower, you pluck it But when you Love that flower, you WATER it!
Friendship is like a relation between the hand and eyes, its like when the hand gets hurt the eyes cries and when the eyes cries the hand wipes its tears.

Sun glows for a day, candle for an hour, matchstick for a minute, but a good day can glow forever. So start ur day with a SMILE. Have a nice day! ✿❀✿


"The Need For Dating"  

A relationship is like a fragile thing, which needs to be handled very sensitively, so that, it will sustain forever. In the present society across the world the rates of divorces have increased due to lack of compatibility. However, one of the recent trends gradually accepted by people is the one called dating.

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